The bridegroom, to be able to marry, will pay a big sum of cash towards the girl’s moms and dads.

The bridegroom, to be able to marry, will pay a big sum of cash towards the girl’s moms and dads.

November 1, 2005

Tribute to a Master

Canvas cracks and rips disappear and paintings are re-stretched into shape when you look at the hands that are skillful…

15, 2003 november

Till Death do us Component

On October 8, 2003, Shazia Khaskheli and Mohammad Hassan Solangi, a new, recently hitched couple, …

November 15, 2003

Interview: Manzoor Ali Khan Panhwar

“We in Sindh are being maligned unnecessarily” – Sardar Manzoor Ali Khan Panhwar, Minister Livestock…

November 15, 2003

When you look at the true Name of Love

Shaista Almani and Balakh Sher Mahar, a new few from Ghotki in Sindh, who dared…

November 15, 2003

Interview: Sassui Palejo

“The sardars really encourage karo kari” – Sassui Palejo, MPA Q: how come karo kari…

November 13, 2003

Editor’s Note: 2003 november

A couple that is young that have hitched of these very own free might, are hunted down, tortured…

12, 2003 november

Courage Under Fire

On 27, as they made their way to the mosque to offer their fajr… september

November 11, 2003

A Cry at night

Soorti Ram wept as she related her story of horror. A few times early in the day, a…

10, 2003 november

The refuge that is last

Categories of tribesmen sitting cross-legged on to the floor of this fort-like household of a tribal…

November 10, 2003

A Permit to Destroy

Zaman, a resident of the squatter settlement in Peshawar, failed to bother also to have…

10, 2003 november

Bride obtainable

The custom of sar paisa is prevalent in some parts of NWFP. The bridegroom, in…

November 8, 2003

Gunning for comfort

“I’m eighteen with a bullet, ” goes a well known track from the mid-1970s. “Got my little finger…

November 7, 2003

Going the Goalpost

President General Pervez Musharraf thinks he could be driven by destiny. It is perhaps why after…

November 5, 2003

A Time within the Life…

Q magazine calls them “one of this biggest bands into the globe. […]