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Sample Memorable Moment1970 Grand Final, Carlton vs Collingwood. Crowd: 121,696, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground8. Carlton were losing by 44 points after two Quarters, but staged an unlikely came back during the second half of the match to win by ten points, with a final score of Carlton 17.9 (111) Collingwood 14.17 (101).

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On the eventual game winning drive, Stafford hit receiver Marvin Jones with a bullet on fourth and 1 for the first down. On the next play, he went deep to Kenny Golladay for the deciding 31 yard touchdown. He played aggressively and kept the Lions offense moving when he needed to most..

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Come to view marriage as a source of individual satisfaction whereas in the past marriage was viewed largely as an institution that was necessary in order to raise a family, she says. That goes away, it is much easier to dissolve the marriage. Ben Shahar, positive psychologist and former Harvard professor, argues instead that we philosophically less committed to relationships..